16 June 2013


wearing H&M hat. blue striped shirt with black tank top. high waist red short from Berjaya Time Square and shoes from Zalora

Kinda having a strange feeling when stepping into high school, especially those who graduated more than one year. That was me. The environment has changed a lot. But those trees which grew yellow flowers were not longer exist ever, used to be our high school's attraction.

With this outfit, I went for a movie before watching a concert held in my high school. And these were taken after movie. It was a quick shot. Somemore, I never satisfy with my outfit photos. It is looking weird/dim whatsoever :/ Maybe it's just my problem- posing.

Blue always comes well with red colour. Colour Contrast :) Play with it for the outfit is fun. My tiny backpack was hiding behind, it would be even nicer if it was taken inside the photos.

Coming weekend is my semester break, which means this week is all about final exam and assignments. Hardworking please I begged myself. Any suggestion from you that can get rid of the laziness? 

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